Castello Da Vinci
Napa Valley Estate of General Clark Braxton

This is General Clark Braxton's private site.

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which General Braxton has made available to the public via partnership with Cline Cellars.

Xantaeus Red wine, Castello Da Vinci 2002

2002 Xantaeus Red

Napa Valley's Rutherford Bench produces the world's finest Cabernet Sauvignons from well-drained sandy, gravelly red rock loam. The prized wines exhibit an astounding palette of violets, currant, plum, allspice and a sturdy but refined basso continuo of tannins which provide structure and unparalleled aging ability.

Braxton Vineyard is the finest of all in the Rutherford Bench owing to superior geology and the hand-caressed care given to every aspect of the wine.

This  limited edition of 100 bottles were made for General Clark Braxton to celebrate the release of Xantaeus, the crowning achievement of his distinguished military and corporate career and the defining product of Defense Therapeutics.

About Our Label

The illustration from the Xantaeus Red label is taken from an original drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci's which is part of General Clark Braxton's personal art collection and housed at Castello Da Vinci, his home in Napa Valley.

About Castello Da Vinci

Castello Da Vinci is
not a commercial winery. It is, however, a labor of love for General Braxton and a major source of his enjoyment following his retirement from the U.S. Army and his recent decision to transition from the CEO position at Defense Therapeutics and assume the ceremonial post of Chairman Emeritus of that company.

General Braxton Featured In New Book

General Clark Braxton is featured as a major character in a new thriller by author Lewis Perdue. The book, called Perfect Killer, is a partly true, partly fictionalized account of a very serious issue that will face the military in the coming years.  General Braxton's former colleague, Dr. Richard Gabriel (Col. USA, Ret.) offers a very chilling account of this problem in a non-fiction Afterword to Perfect Killer.

Author Perdue has taken many liberties with General Braxton to make an important point. Despite these liberties,  General Braxton fully supports the book, even to the extent of sending bottles of Xantaeus to key people he believes will help raise the book's serious issues. Read General Braxton's letter to wine giftees to learn more.

Contact Information

Because of the private nature of Castello Da Vinci, all contact is handled through the Defense Therapeutics public information office.

All parties interested in purchasing the 2003 Xantaeus Red public release should go to

Defense Therapeutics.
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1224
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507 

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